Obarijema Nle 1

Born Emmanuel Nde
September 26, 1996
Lagos State, Nigeria
Occupation P.R, Publicity, Article Writer
Education Beta College
Period 2014 – Present

My name is Emmanuel Nicholas Nde popularly know as Emmanuel Nde, i am born and raised in Lagos-Nigeria (September 26, 1996) . A native of Eleme LGA ,Rivers State, Nigeria. I was born in to a struggling family and i am last out of six children. I grew up in a christian home .

Early life

My dad is a Rev. Father at the Orthodox Church of Nigeria, why my mom is a business tycoon..

Growing up has been hard but the internet has been one thing that had kept me on going in a long run.. But sometimes life could be of up’s and down’s but that just a face we had to face to be able to move on.. I see my self as asset in the manner of liability and i don’t believe in the word “opportunity come’s but one’s” as most Nigeria reference to their failure in achieving a goal..

Image Of Emmanuel Nde In 2014 when the Journey started


Between 2014 and 2015

In 2014 while i was still in secondary school i started pursuing my goal’s in life but i drafted out my plan’s in my head on how to get the a-list’s and i started from twitter and i did a tweeting interview with the South Africa based Nigeria rapper Emmy Gee in 2014.. I asked him question’s and he was first in responding to then and i also got a follow back from him and go my first ever big job through Emmy Gee via. direct message on twitter he got my phone number and i got a call from one on Nigeria a-list recording producer Shizzi who had produced alot of great hit for Sony Music recording artist Davido’s ..

But that was just by the way and in 2015 i took article written as a profession at first it was music business i was in, but i was hard understanding how businessman related with their client, but after i messed-up with my first big job with  Shizzi , the friendship was never like the way it started it, so i felt the industry of me begin their was over untill a year later i talked to myself that this was not just the end of my career maybe God would like to test me if i had believed in Man or in Him so  i tried again but this time made sure i came for what i had and not what i would like to become.. So ever since then i became relevant not just to the music industry but also the artist and i start making money as an article writer but this time i was rated the best among others why? it’s because i had to put my all into it and i had to look the way i would love to be address and also get paid.. I had to put in a little more of composure in the way i speak to get the type of audience i needed which is one of the goal of every successful business man..

late 2015

I wrote a prosper that addresses pirate, which i pointed out how we could reduce the level  of pirate on the internet to enable the Nigeria artist make funds for their craft.. Which was a major step for me having the like’s of Sean Tizzle and his publicist Johnson Joweigha look in to it an where ready to support the project which i set to pull out in late 2016 or at the beginning of 2017..



Emmy Gee Shizzi
Sean Tizzle Mr 2Kay
Fliptyce Tee-Y Mix
Leriq Sugarboy
Nosa Jay Pizzle
Aramide DJ Neptune
DJ Spinall Waconzy


an so on..


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